The Garden Shop at Boyer Nurseries is fully stocked with the equipment you need to take care of your orchard. Pruners, Limb Spreaders, Tree Guards, Milorganite – we have it all. 

Our Garden Shop is open during our regular hours and is located right next to the Nursery in the barn. 

Aglok, 150′ Roll$17.00
Aglok, 500′ Roll$44.00
Aglok, Chain Link Pieces$0.10
ARS 210DX Turbocut 5.5″ Folding Saw$17.00
ARS G-18L Turbocut 7″ Folding Saw$23.00
Cutwell Pole Pruner, 10′ Aluminum$93.75
Cutwell Pole Pruner, 10′ Fiberglass$98.40
Cutwell Pole Pruner, 6′ Aluminum$87.60
Cutwell Pole Pruner, 6′ Fiberglass$92.40
Cutwell Pole Pruner, 8′ Aluminum$91.25
Cutwell Pole Pruner, 8′ Fiberglass$96.00
Felco 902 – Sharpening Stone$20.25
Felco F-2 Bypass Hand Pruner$63.50
Felco F-31 Anvil Shear Hand Pruner$53.25
Felco F-32 Curved Anvil Shear Hand Pruner$66.25
Felco F-6 Bypass Hand Pruner$54.50
Hickok HP-5 Hand Pruner, 7.75″ – Teflon Blade$16.25
Hickok Pocket Sharpening Stone #146$2.25
Metal Limb Spreaders 12″$0.47
Metal Limb Spreaders 4″$0.40
Metal Limb Spreaders 6″$0.42
Metal Limb Spreaders 8″$0.44
Milorganite (Deer Repellent) #36 bag$15.00
Milorganite (Deer Repellent) cloth bags, FILLED$0.80
Milorganite cloth bags, EMPTY$0.22
Stakes, Wooden Garden, 2″ X 2″ X 6′$4.00
Tags, Metal Tree$0.25
Tree Guards, Black Plastic Mesh 24″$3.00
Tree Guards, Black Plastic Mesh 48″$6.00
Tree Guards, Corrugated 3 X 24″$2.35
Tree Guards, Corrugated 3 X 24″ 100+$2.00
Tree Guards, White Spiral 24″$0.90
Tree Guards, White Spiral 24″ Case (250)$187.50
Tree Guards, White Spiral 36″$1.50
Tree Guards, White Spiral 36″ Case (250)$300.00
Trellislok, Pieces$0.35
Vinyltye, 100 meter Roll (328′)$10.75
Vinyltye, 1000′ Roll$25.00
Wells & Wade Harvest Buckets & Replacement Parts*Call for details


All prices and availability subject to change.  Not all of our inventory is listed on this page.